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Empowering you to heal your own chronic hip & back pain.

What Is Illuminate Movement & Is It Right For You?

Illuminate Movement is a vitality brand helping humans who struggle with chronic hip & back pain heal their own joint health & physical pain so that you can get back to doing what you love & take back your energy & drive in life. Through our proprietary method, we educate & empower you with the right tools to build healthy, strong joints & heal yourself: physically, mentally & emotionally. You practice on your own time, in your own way & at your own pace.

Research now shows that your physical, mental & emotional health are more connected than ever thought before & are intrinsic to living a life full of energy, success & vitality. Yet, unfortunately, most health & wellness programs don’t focus on tending to all three pieces of your health & instead are merely singular approaches (i.e. training your physical body only).

When we live in physical pain, it not only depletes our energy & limits our physical activity, but it also creates mental stress, which can inhibit mental clarity & mindfulness. Chronic stress leads to emotional overwhelm (& of course inflammation within our bodies) & can prevent us from living with drive & purpose. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on training your physical, mental & emotional bodies TOGETHER to create true & sustainable results. We call this the power of combination because in our humble opinion, a singular approach just isn’t enough for you.

We truly want to see you living your best & most successful life! That’s why we created our signature system to take you through an intentional journey towards complete vitality using mobility, movement, yoga, breath work & emotional healing customized specifically for you. You will learn how to build healthy, strong joints to get out of pain, increase your functional flexibility, strength & agility, diagnose & correct your own joint weaknesses, gain confidence & awareness in your own body, manage your stress more effectively & release any emotional baggage keeping you stuck in pain (often times without you even realizing it). And so much more!

Join our community by signing up for your free 5-day practice (sign up button above) & give yourself the gift of living pain free today!

Joint Mobility Yoga

Joint mobility yoga is an artful blend of hatha yoga & joint mobility training. We believe in building a foundation of healthy joints, body control & usable ranges of motion to prevent or rectify injuries. Each practice is designed to move the joints, create functional strength, garner flexibility, train the nervous system and be an exploration of the connection between the breath & movement.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is at the forefront of everything we do, think, say & feel every single day. If affects our ability to recognize & manage emotions, communicate effectively, lead & influence others & develop successful personal & professional relationships. Our program gives you the tools to embody & implement EI into your daily life, rewire your brain towards successful habits & begin living in your absolute truth.

The Breath

Illuminate combines a variety of breathing techniques to heal the body down to a cellular level, train the nervous system and begin an approachable & non-intimidating meditation practice. The breath is used as the gateway into meditation to unite and strengthen the mind-body connection. This is the space where true creativity, freedom and higher intellect are illuminated.

Illuminate Master Courses

“Hip & Back Vitality” Program

    • Customized 12-week course to alleviate chronic hip & back pain
    • Build a foundation of healthy, strong joints & alignment
    • Create awareness, body control, flexibility & expanded range of motion
    • Reset the mind, nervous system & body
    • Self assessment tool for the joints
    • 12-week access to membership portal & library of practices
    • And more!

Individual “Illuminate Vitality” Program

    • Customized 12-week vitality course to alleviate chronic hip & back pain, embody emotional intelligence & heal the body-mind connection
    • Build healthy joints, gain flexibility & expand ranges of motion
    • Master your stress & mindset for more energy & clarity
    • Uncover any mental & emotional blocks keeping you stuck
    • Tap into your higher intellect, creativity, drive & purpose
    • And More!

Corporate “Illuminate Vitality” Program

    • Customized emotional intelligence master course to embody EQ for more professional & personal success
    • Build healthy, strong joints to alleviate chronic hip & back pain
    • Rewire the brain & nervous system for new habits
    • Master your stress & mindset
    • Uncover mental & emotional blocks hindering your success
    • Learn self-awareness, communication & leadership skills
    • And More!

Elise Cranston

200 RYT Yoga Instructor

Mobility Specialist FRC

Kinstretch Instructor

Illuminate Movement how to heal your own hip & back pain