Individual Illuminate Sessions

Utilizing our proprietary method to teach humans to move properly & build healthy joints to overcome chronic hip & back pain, injury and/or age gracefully


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  • Introductory assessment to determine specific dysfunctions
  • 1:1 sessions learning our proprietary method
    • In-person or virtual sessions
  • Customized practices specific to you to correct chronic hip & back pain
    • Learn how to properly move your body, build healthy, strong joints, increase functional strength & flexibility, overcome or prevent injury & age gracefully
  • Self Assessment tool for your joints
  • Customized practices specific to you to master the nervous system for sustainable results
    • Mind-body connection & learning to work WITH instead of AGAINST yourself
  • And more!

Our 1:1 sessions (whether in-person or virtual) offer comprehensive education & tools to take your health & wellbeing back into your hands.

Each session compliments the next as we layer in proper biomechanics & our overall proprietary method to increase vitality & healing. After a thorough initial assessment, we will determine your specific dysfunctions & create a customized action plan specific to you & your healing journey. You will build healthy, strong joints to correct chronic hip & back pain, elevate performance, functional strength, flexibility & agility & learn to regulate your own nervous system for a total body-mind overhaul.

Individual Illuminate Sessions - Illuminate