Corporate Illuminate Wellness

Teaching employees to move their body properly, master their nervous system & embody emotional intelligence for more personal & professional success!



  • “Workshops:
    • Includes education on joint health, moving the body properly, regulating the nervous system & fundamentals of emotional intelligence
    • Includes proprietary practices empowering employees to implement tools into daily life
  • Group sessions:
    • Includes education & proprietary practices to enhance total mind-body wellness
  • Online video practices
  • Customized built-in programs to heal chronic hip & back pain & explore meditation
  • Self assessment tools
  • And more!

Our approach to corporate wellness is unique & simple: every employee & human has the right to vitality & wellbeing & we strive to make it available & accessible to everyone.

We utilize our proprietary practices, workshops & group sessions to teach humans how to embody wellness & increase their vitality & success in every dimension of life: physically, mentally, emotionally, personally & professionally.  Participants will learn how to properly move their bodies & build healthy, strong joints (to alleviate chronic pain, overcome or prevent injury and/or age gracefully), regulate their nervous system to heal the mind-body connection & embody emotional intelligence.

Corporate Illuminate Wellness Workshops & Practices - Illuminate